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how to make money fast

Have you ever wondered how to make money fast? Then you’ve come to the right place. By using this website you can start making money today.

I will explain to you how much money you can really make, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this website, and what the job consists of.

Let’s get started…

What website am I talking about?

I’m talking about keyForCash. This is a website that allows you to make money typing numbers and letters that are displayed in a snippet.

Some companies and organizations only exist digitally. But they still need someone to handle all the paperwork for them.

And that’s when KeyForCash comes into play. These companies provide KeyForCash with captures of the paperwork that they need to be entered into a digital database.

And KeyForCash hires people like you and me to enter this information manually from a cellphone or a computer.

The following captures were taken from my KeyForCash account for the simple purpose of showing you how this works.

This is what the dashboard looks like

how to make money fast

how to make money fast

How much money can I make on KeyForCash?

As you could see in the previous images, KeyForCash pays $0.35 for every 1000 characters as of the date of this writing.

Most people can only type 40 words per minute. That means that typing 1000 characters will take you at least 25 minutes.

You must take into consideration that the more you type, the more speed you will acquire, and that will allow you to make more money over time.

What if I don’t live in the United States?

KeyForCash is available in several countries. But there are some minimum requirements that you need to be aware of before applying.

You have to be at least 18 years old, and you can’t work in another country other than the one you registered when filling out the application.

You will need to take a placement evaluation before completing any tasks. That way KeyForCash will only give you tasks that match your skills.

How do I get paid on KeyForCash?

You’ll get paid once a month through Dwolla which is a platform that offers payment services to several companies.

Ways to make money fast using KeyForCash

Once your account is created and tasks are available to you. You can choose between entering numbers or letters to the database.

If you can text really fast, I recommend doing these tasks from your phone in order to achieve more in less time.

But if you only have access to a computer, typing numbers is the fastest way to start making money as typing letters is a little more complicated and takes more time.

Pros and cons of KeyForCash

You can work remotely whenever you wantThe pay could be better
The platform is easy to useSometimes there are no tasks available
Tasks are fairly easy for beginnersThe wait for payment is too long


This is one great way to make money fast online using your cellphone or a computer. No experience is required in order to apply.

It doesn’t matter if you are just a teenager in need of cash or a parent looking to supplement his/her income, this would be a great side hustle for you too.

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