“I Don’t Want To Work” What Do I Do Now?

I dont want to work

Have you ever gotten out of bed with the feeling that you no longer want to work? “Maybe I’m just tired,” you said to yourself. Then you start making your coffee and getting ready to go to work just like another regular day.

But when you get to work, you get the same feeling as soon as you walk through that door. This time you just can’t ignore the fact that you don’t want to work, but there is a problem, you are not completely sure why you don’t want to work.

Or maybe there are several reasons but you don’t want to accept them, because accepting them will make you look weak in front of your coworkers or family members.

In this article, I will cover the most popular reasons why people feel they don’t want to work anymore, and we’ll be finding solutions together as well.

Let’s get started!

1. You Don’t Feel Useful Anymore.

i don t want to work

Not feeling useful at work can’t be very destructive. We all need recognition from time to time, when none of your co-workers or supervisors tells you what a good job you are doing, you get demotivated.

As a result, working in an environment like this can make you feel like nothing you do is valuable. You start going to work just to go to work. And sooner than later you will stop wanting to go to work because you see all of your co-workers moving up to higher positions while you keep doing the same boring tasks.

2. You Don’t Have The Skills.

 i dont want to work anymore

Let’s be honest. Most of us have bills to pay, and sometimes we take jobs just to be able to pay for our bills. But what happens when you take a job that requires certain skills that you don’t possess?

Well, the answer is quite simple. You’ll be afraid of going to work because you don’t want people to find out that you can’t perform a task or solve a certain problem due to a lack of knowledge or certification. You’ll feel like a ticking bomb that is about to explode in any second.

3. Language Is A Barrier.

i don't want to do the work today

Being a foreigner is not fun at all when it comes to competing with coworkers that speak the local language. You’re probably smarter and have more experience than your coworkers in your field, but when it’s time for you to speak in meetings or express yourself in front of others, you just can’t find the right words and struggle to properly come up with a complete sentence.

As time passes by, you’ll be so afraid of making mistakes when speaking, that you will no longer want to speak. This will put you at a disadvantage because people might think that you are an antisocial person or that you just don’t want to be friends with anybody.

4. Personal Problems.

don't want to go to work

We all have a life outside of work, and we all have problems at home that might be consuming our time and energy as well. Life is not easy and sometimes we just can’t go to work and pretend like the problems aren’t there.

Concentrating at work becomes extremely difficult under these circumstances, and you find yourself making a lot of mistakes. Not feeling like working under this state of mind is particularly common and understandable.

5. You Are Being Bullied.

being bullied at work
For help go to stopbullying.gov

You go to work just like any other day, and suddenly you make a mistake in front of a coworker, and he then starts to yell at you because he is “perfect” and he never makes mistakes. right?

Some people were just born natural bullies, and working along with a person that yells and screams at you all the time is going to make you feel completely small and miserable. Most people won’t report bullies with their superiors because they don’t want people to percept them as weak.

Let’s talk about solutions.

There were so many reasons and motives that could make you not want to work anymore that wasn’t covered in this article.

I’ve personally experienced the feeling of not wanting to work anymore. So, I’ll talk about the solutions that I’ve found to work the best in times when I just wanted to give it all up.

1. Find a hobby

According to the American Institute Of Stress, 80% of adults feel stress on the job. So, having a hobby to release all that tension could be very beneficial to your health and state of mind.

Now is the perfect time to write a book, start learning an instrument, or learn a new skill.

2. Look for a new job

If you just don’t want to work because you totally hate your job, then it’s time for you to move on with your life and start doing something else. Life is too short for you to feel miserable all the time.

We have several articles on how to make money from home that you can start testing for yourself.

3. Start a business

Starting your own business is a life-changing decision. But keep in mind that running your own business could be the solution to all your problems as you will be the one giving orders, not taking them.

It’s your job to make sure your employees don’t feel the same way as you did when you were just a regular employee.

4. Work from home

If dealing with people is the number one reason you don’t want to work anymore, then starting a home-based business could be the solution for you.

Nowadays, you can run an online business from the comfort of your home. Dealing with people becomes less intimidating and stressful as you will only exchange ideas or answer questions through email or text.

5. Take vacations and reset your mind.

Sometimes getting away from everything can help us reduce the stress caused by our everyday problems. If you don’t feel like working anymore then maybe it’s the right time for you to use all of your PTO’s and vacation days.

Being alone for a couple of days can help you see things clearer and might give you a clear vision of what your next move should be.


We have discussed some of the reasons why we may sometimes feel like we don’t want to work anymore. And it’s important to remember that the chance of being completely satisfied with a job is very little, otherwise, they wouldn’t pay us to work.

When finding a solution to this problem always follow your instincts. We all know what it is that we have to do to change our lives, but sometimes we are just afraid of failing when trying new things.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t want to work before? I would like you to share with us how were you able to overcome this state of mind.

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