How To Start A Tshirt Business With No Money.

start a tshirt business with no money

Most of the time starting a business requires a small investment. But chances are that if you are reading this post you don’t have any. Don’t worry I got you.

In this article, I will show you how to start a tshirt business with no money by using free resources and tools.

There’s a couple of steps that we have to follow before launching a t-shirt business.

Let’s get started.

Choose Your Niche

In order to start a tshirt business with no money, we need to decide what niche will your designs be based on? The following is a list of the most popular t-shirt niches in the industry:

  • Phrases and sayings
  • Surfing and skating
  • Travel and transportation
  • Politics
  • Plants and trees
  • Music
  • Inspirational sayings
  • Animal and cartoons
  • Religious

But that doesn’t mean that you have to choose one of these. You can always choose a niche that you love or are passionate about. So, let’s say for instance that you’re into music. Then, you can create designs with musical instruments or simply musical notes.

It’s recommended to choose a niche in which you do have some knowledge or possess some skills. This will put you one step ahead of the competition.

Choose A Marketplace To Sell

In order to start a tshirt business with no money, we need to choose an online platform that doesn’t charge us any fees for uploading or creating our designs within their platforms.

This is a list of websites that don’t charge a penny to start selling through their platforms, and they also let you create t-shirt designs using their own software for free.

start a t shirt business with no money with bonfire

start a t shirt business with no money with spreadshirt

start a t shirt business with no money with teespring

After you’ve played around with these websites and had picked the one you like, it’s time to talk about a graphic design tool that you can use to create even better shirt designs for free. At least for 30 days until you decide if buying the pro version is right for you.

Create T-Shirt Designs Using Canva is a graphic design tool that allows you to create logos, t-shirt designs, resumes, etc. The following are some examples of t-shirt design templates that you can drag and drop, edit, and then use on your shirts.

Once you’re happy with your creations, you can download them as PNJ or JPG files directly to your computer to be later uploaded to your t-shirt selling platform of preference.

All free media on Canva can be used for free for commercial and noncommercial use according to their license agreement. You can read their license agreement here.

Where To Find T-Shirt Desing Ideas?

Eventually, you may run out of design ideas for your t-shirts, and you’ll need to find some inspiration from other platforms and sellers to come up with fresh new designs.

You could browse through sites like Etsy or Pinterest to get ideas. But don’t just copy other people’s designs as this might get you in trouble, and it’s not a great way to start a business. Use these platforms only to see what’s selling and what’s trending.

Use Social Media As A Starting Point.

In order to start a tshirt business with no money, you will need to validate, test, and promote your t-shirt designs. As soon as you create a t-shirt design you will need to share it with family and friends through social media.

As the purpose of this article was to create a tshirt business with no money, we aren’t going to discuss other ways to promote your business such as paid ads from Google or Facebook.

The goal here is to generate your first sale within a short period of time, and as a result get the motivation needed to run a successful business.

Out of all these steps, marketing is the hardest for beginners. As having poor marketing skills can be the difference between selling hundreds of shirts per month or selling none.


In conclusion, we’ve found ways to start a tshirt business with no money, and all you need to do now is take action and start creating some designs. We encouraged you to start learning about marketing, as not understanding this skill can make or break your business.

Is there any other website that doesn’t charge any fee to sell and create tshirt designs online that were not mentioned in this article that you would like us to add up?

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