21 Booming Work From Home Jobs Of 2021

work from home jobs

Work from home jobs gives you the freedom to choose when you want to work and also gives you the ability to work at your own pace without supervision.

There are so many opportunities to work from home, but you have to be extremely careful with online scammers.

This raw chart represents the most common methods for scammers to rip people off.

online scams method statistics
Source: Scamwatch.gov

Up to this moment (The year 2020), there have been 1,650 reports of scams with a total loss of $756,287. The following donut chart represents the percentage of people scammed according to their genders.

work from home jobs scams statistics
Source: Scamwatch.gov

As a result, I decided to list job titles that are only being offered on trustworthy websites to reduce the chances of you being part of these statistics.

Lets’s get started….

Call Evaluator

A call evaluator analyzes the interaction between customers and clients. After monitoring phone calls, you will be asked to provide feedback that can be used to improve the customer service experience.

work from home jobs
Hourly Rate

Software Tester

There are hundreds of apps being developed every day. And software companies are always on the look for people with some computer coding knowledge to put their builds to the test to improve the quality.

If you have strong coding knowledge this may be a great work from home job for you to consider.

work from home jobs
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Virtual Event Host

A new type of work at home job gaining a lot of momentum due to the pandemic. A virtual host is a person responsible for finding listeners and followers for large company events.

jobs to work from home
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Remote Online Notary

Work from home jobs often require some type of license or certificate to operate, and this is the case. An online notary is responsible for the screening process of the signer’s documents. All of these can be done remotely.

remote online notary salary
Hourly Rate

Remote Event Planner

This is a great way to make money from home. A remote event planner is a person responsible for choosing the location of the events including time, and decoration. Clearly, you can do everything from the comfort of your home.

Hourly Rate

Remote Recruiter

A remote recruiter is a person responsible for finding the right candidates for an organization or company. The recruiter is also responsible for evaluating skills, and verifying recommendations.

remote recruiter salary
Hourly Rate


Imagine working from home writing down what you hear. That’s exactly what a remote transcriber does. If you speak more than one language you could take advantage of this, and make money working from home this way.

remote transcriber salary
Hourly Rate

Remote Speech Evaluator

Speeches are a tool for speakers to deliver their message around the world. Your job as a speech evaluator is to make sure that the writing presented to you is capable of achieving the speaker’s desire but to also evaluate his performances.

remote speech evaluator
Hourly Rate


Websites, blogs, and companies are using written content to attract new readers and customers. You can work from home creating killer articles that will make people want to buy or subscribe to their services.

copywriter salary
Hourly Rate

Remote Resume Writer

A detailed and well-written resume can be the difference between getting hired or not. As a resume writer, you’ll be responsible for crafting compelling resumes using the participant-provided data.

resume writer salary
Hourly Rate


A proofreader screens articles, marketing promotions, emails, polls, surveys, and other copy looking for grammatical errors. Your job is to basically edit articles before they get published.

proofreader salary
Hourly Rate

Social Media Manager (Remote)

This is one of the work from home jobs on this list that makes everybody wonder what a social media manager is. Well, it’s the person responsible for making decisions when it comes to promoting products and services.

As a social media manager your job is create a community around a brand or product and use Facebook and other platforms to generate sales.

work from home jobs
Hourly Rate

Data Analyst

Working from home as a data analyst includes analyzing bills, expenses, earnings, and losses of a company to come up with a written plan to optimize the flow of money.

data analyst salary
Hourly Rate


Are you good with numbers? This work from home job consists of maintaining financial records for companies such as purchases, sales, receipts, and payments. You do need to possess some basic math and computer skills.

bookkeeper salary
Hourly Rate

Web Search Evaluator

In order for search engines to display relevant results and ads to people, they hire search evaluators to search up for certain terms and verify the accuracy of the results presented to the viewers.

Web search evaluator
Hourly Rate


Making money from home translating words has never been in such high demand. Knowing English is great, but speaking an extra language makes you valuable.

Companies and organizations request help to translate documents from one language to another from freelance websites, and that’s when you take advantage of this opportunity.

translator salary
Hourly Rate

Technical Writer

Not all articles and information is easy to understand. Technical writers make technical and complicated explanations easy to digest for readers. Before writing down articles for their audiences, they first analyze their readers in order to create laser target content.

technical writer salary
Hourly Rate

Insurance Sales Agent (Remote)

A not so easy job to work at home that requires calling potential customers in order to make a sale and earn a commission. You can work from home for different insurance companies or stick to just one of them.

job to work at home
Hourly Rate

Tax Preparer (Remote)

It is true, that some work from home jobs are seasonal, but the reward can be huge if you are dedicated to making money. In particular, a tax preparer can make money remotely helping companies handling the work that they can’t due to a busy season.

Remote tax preparer  salary
Hourly Rate

Travel Agent

A travel agent is responsible for making reservations for their clients. They also make sure the customers are happy with the selections of hotels, and places to visit.

travel agent average salary
Hourly Rate


If the number one reason to work from home is to not deal with people, then being a telemarketer can help you achieve just that. A telemarketer makes several phone calls a day persuading people to buy products. These requires a lot of perseverance.

Hourly Rate


Working from home is becoming more popular due to the pandemic. The world is constantly changing and only the ones that are prepared will take advantage of every new trend.

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